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21 August 2008 at 8:43 pm Leave a comment

The Wall Street Journal published an article earlier this month about the relationship between birth trauma and stress disorder, stating, “Maternity-care providers say the increase in the number of medical obstetric procedures in labor and delivery, like Caesarean sections and premature births, could be contributing to PTSD” (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder). The article was focused more on the specific treatment of these women after trauma than the causes of the trauma, but both would have lent well to a discussion of the midwifery model of care and its potential both to help avoid cases of PTSD and to heal those who have experienced it.

As someone who experienced a natural second birth with a midwife after a traumatic emergency c-section with my first child, I kept waiting for the next paragraph of the article to mention the role of midwifery and natural birth in the healing process for many of these women. PTSD is a very real, very serious illness that often needs medical treatment, and each case comes with its own complexities. The potential that natural birth has to heal past trauma and help a woman “unlearn” her fear, however, is undeniable. Perhaps we will see another article soon about the role of midwifery care, when appropriate, in the healing process for women who experience birth trauma; There is no doubt that the unquestioning belief that my midwife had in my body and in me and the constant and genuine care that she gave were the very things that eventually allowed for the peaceful, natural, and empowering birth of my daughter. And perhaps one day we will see an article on the role of midwifery care and natural birth in the reduction of birth-related cases of PTSD. While midwifery was never mentioned in this article, it sang in the spaces in-between from start to finish.


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