Return to the Wild and Sacred Spirit of Woman

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From the Life-Giving Belly

“Because as women, we hold the possibility to regenerate life from our creativity that is fertile in a multiplicity of meanings, it may very well be time for us to birth from our collective wisdom new paradigms for our world to live from.” ALisa Starkweather

~Hello my friends far and wide~

Daughters of the Earth Gathering was really remarkable. I am hardly ready to organize more but here comes the 10th Women’s Belly and Womb Conference and before I go to facilitate Women in Power Initiation in Maryland, I wanted to tell you that registration is finally open!

I hope to see you this autumn. I imagine with the elections that we will need a time to gather in women’s council too. Many are working hard right now. This is an important moment we are living in and how we respond is really up to us now.

The Women’s Belly and Womb Conference;
Celebrate Ten Years of Honoring Women

November 15th, 2008
with Pre-Conference Classes on Friday, November 14th
Shutesbury, Massachusetts
This is simply a heads up that the registration for the conference is open. Some of you have been patiently waiting. I will send something more substantial later. You can check my website for classes, teachers and details. Thank you as always for letting others know. Blessings, ALisa

Celebrating Our Tenth Women’s Belly and Womb Conference

For a decade we have been recovering the power in our bellies and wombs as women by giving ourselves a day to honor our woman journey together. Come celebrate with us as we dance, sing, feast, and become stronger in the good company of one another.

Our world is calling women to be in our power, our gut-knowing, our truth right now. Women are aching for changes internally and externally. We are facing terrible destruction and disease and growing hardships. Many of us have already lived through inner and outer wars long before now. In spite of this we still long to be in our bodies, know our ecstasy, share our gifts and be present with life as life is occurring. In an unprecedented container, the Women’s Belly and Womb Conference deliberately makes space for collective healing. It is not just a learning and informational day. It is a day to make new choices, to come out of denial, to recommit to our visions, our lives through loving our bodies and who we are in this world. It is an unforgettable moment in the life of a woman when she recognizes more of who she is and what is possible in her life. It is fertile ground for transformation. We make space for what needs healing in hearts, bellies, wombs and lives as women.

To register and find out more go to my website.

Our Bellies are Beautiful. Talk to Your Belly.


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