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Wareham Birth Circle

As cold as today was, there was a circle of warmth in Wareham.  While our gathering was small and primarily made up of supporters, we talked of big things, from personal birth stories to current topics related to midwifery and ideas for how our small voices can be heard and how our ideas can bring about real change.  Mostly, we asked questions, brainstormed, and shared our thoughts and feelings about our own experiences with the midwifery model of care and our hopes that others who are currently unaware of this incredible care will someday experience the same.   But how do we get these women interested, involved, and invested?  How do we dispel the fearful ideas that they may have about labor and birth, false fears derived from images in the media or frightening stories told by women who speak without thinking about the impact that their stories might have on others.

And then there were the stories that we told, the sharing of some of the most powerful, empowering moments in our lives.  While each of the stories was unique and held within it its own story, its own origin, each also held within it its own tangible thread: that the role of the midwife, in all settings, is an inextricable part of normal, empowering birth.

We are planning another Birth Circle in Wareham in January, and we are already looking forward to meeting more women and warming cold winter days by sharing stories and dreams with one another.

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