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North Shore Birth Center Update

Here is the latest update from the Campaign to Save the North Shore Birth Center!

1. We have a tentative meeting scheduled for Dec. 2 between our Interim Steering Committee and Beverly Hospital officials. This is good news, as it is the second of our requests that hospital management has agreed to. (The first was our request that the postpone the vote on the Birth Center’s fate.)

Preparing for this meeting by compiling background research is crucial. Therefore, research is the main focus of the Campaign at the moment.

2. At our Community Meeting this Sunday, Nicole agreed to lead a team to compile research for the Dec. 2 meeting. The team is seeking statistics regarding lawsuits and outcomes resulting in liability for midwives/birth centers vs. hospital births. They would especially appreciate hearing from individuals who are midwives or doulas with access to databases such as MANA–but all assistance is welcome!

If you would like to join the research team, please contact Nicole at

4. We will elect a (non-Interim) Steering Committee in the immediate future, with elections to be held on December 5. We will soon send you information on how to make nominations and how elections will work.

5. To show that there is continued interest in this issue, we are circulating a petition about our cause! You may create a paper version to collect in-person signatures, or you may point people to our online petition.

7. To better stay in touch with the Campaign, please consider joining our Google group! It’s an email list with some special features that come in handy for our efforts. Please¬†join today!

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