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I just read the post by the FL midwife who found, as she got big into her practice, that there are many negatives to hypnobirthing.  I am not a midwife, but I posted before about my two daughters who both used hypnobirthing.  And I’d like to say again that for them it was amazingly helpful, with no negatives at all.  I was with them both and watched in wonder.    The second daughter ended up transferring, but it had nothing to do with the hypnobirthing.  Her baby was asynclitic and did not respond to maneuvers to get her straightened out.  The midwife’s time was up, legally, for not transferring, but she said if she had not been bound to time limits the birth would have happened at home.  But pitocin (grrrrr) got the baby down and the amazingly repectful ob reached in and did the rest.  Result:  vaginal birth, all well.  But, again it had nothing to do with hypnobirthing.  Yes, both had pain, especially the first one who used it to birth.  But it was not her first birth and she said it was SO much less painful than the first, for which she used another method.  Second daughter, her first birth, very little pain.  In the water with her iPod in her ears the whole time playing the hypno cd’s, she was the picture of serenity.  Her midwife was so impressed.  I’ll bet you know her midwife, as she worked out of Hollywood at one time!  Well, just had to speak from my very limited knowledge.  But both of them put a lot of time and practice into preparing, which may not always be the case.


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