Questions about lacerations

15 January 2009 at 7:22 pm 1 comment

Old Grandma here again, this time with a question.  Again, I am not a midwife, just a sometimes doula and doula my own daughters at births.  Two of my daughters are homebirth devotees.  The first of the two to give birth was forced to birth at BayState Wesson because her husband was terrified of homebirth.  Without going into detail, all went fairly well until after her son emerged and the midwife said there was too much blood and traced it to a high vaginal laceration.  She was not able to repair it, so a surgeon was called in and it took her quite a while to put it back together.  Because a surgeon was called in, her husband would also not let her homebirth her second child (what if the same thing happens again?).  Again at BayState, but with a midwife from a different group, all went extremely well, until the same thing happened again!  High vaginal second degree laceration.  Neither midwifery group could answer the question “why”?, though one of them suggested that the first baby, especially, may have been a bit “crooked” (probably true, from what I have read and put together with what I saw).  No explanation at all for the second.  Now she wants a third baby and has her heart set on a homebirth.  Again her husband says NO, what if she needs a surgeon again, etc.  Any thoughts about this?  She is heartbroken that she may never get to birth at home.  And she doesn’t even really know why she is tearing like this and what could be done at home to prevent or repair it if it happened again.  Thanks for any thoughts.


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  • 1. mfom  |  21 January 2009 at 11:00 pm

    what about at the farm with ina may? ok, not a very helpful suggestion i know! but the second best thing to having a homebirth… i always wish i could have our second baby there… ah well..

    i am sorry for your daughter about the tears! and about maybe not getting to have the homebirth she has been wishing for! i wish i had some good thoughts or ideas for you both!


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