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Waiting in line with my little sir at the zoo today, I overhead a woman who was cooing over a newborn mention that she was a doula. The mama of the new little one (two weeks old! so tiny and sweet!) asked the doula if she was very busy right now. The replied that she was, that she had had and still has a few clients recently, but that also there was a sudden dropoff after these last few mamas give birth. The new mama remarked that when she was in labor with her new one, she was told that there had been over 20 other mamas laboring on her floor in the past 24 hours. Personally I know quite a number of mamas who have recently given birth or are about to give birth some time this month.

What is it about August/September that seems to be such a popular month for love? 🙂 Or is it, I wonder, something a little more evolutionary than that? Are those particularly fertile months, perhaps? Late summer early fall seems like a good time to start incubating a new little one to me — it’s starting to get cooler out, so there’s less hot weather to bother a newly morning-sick mama. The cold winter months are perhaps more bearable with the extra heat generated by the snugness and work of making another new little human body. Not to mention how much more safe and cozy mama’s womb is during the snowy months than being out as a tiny, skinny newborn in the middle of winter. And then what a wonderful time to come into the world must be springtime! Not TOO terribly hot yet for mama while she waits, carrying the almost-big-enough-to-be-born-baby for the last few weeks. And then the little one arriving just in time for flowers opening, birds singing, and sun shining. And then the sweet little one will be much bigger and prepared for the cold winter months to come, later.

Of course human babies are born year ’round. But sometimes I wonder if there used to be more of a rhythm with mother nature.


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