“Homebirth” plays cameo on HBO’s Weeds

23 July 2009 at 1:00 am 1 comment

Fabulous–I don’t watch HBO’s Weeds, but a friend told me that one of the characters was planning a homebirth but went to the hospital “where it’s safer” instead. Judging solely on the basis of this summary and others like it, I think the show has an insane, controlling male partner trying to force a homebirth on a woman. Another man then comes to her rescue and delivers her to the hospital before her due date, begging to be induced: “‘The father is a murderer slash mayor slash extreme advocate of home birth,’ Andy explains to Nancy’s doctor, convincing her to induce.”

Listen up, HBO! We need good depictions of homebirth on TV–maybe an empowered woman and her partner and a midwife, together making informed, safe decisions. This plotline just reinforces the idea that homebirth is part of the lunatic fringe–excuse me, I’m off to write a letter to the writers of the show.



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  • 1. J.D.  |  25 July 2009 at 4:11 pm

    I am an advocate and homebirthing mama and also an avid “Weeds” watcher. While I agree that a good depiction of homebirth is much needed in the media, having seen the show it is not so much a portrayal of homebirth as it is part of the plot where the crazy mayor who has gotten Nancy pregnant wants to have her birth her baby in secret in his “maternity suite at home”; her brother-in-law rescues her, as he has in many other situations and the actual birth scene is non-existent — we find Nancy and her newborn greeting the baby’s father when he arrives furious that she has escaped. I don’t think she was actually planning a homebirth to begin with but ironically due to her relationship with the man who is in the Mexican mob, she is one of the few who is “safer” to have her baby in a public hospital, although for no medical reasons. I enjoy this show because it is completely crazy and unbelievable and I hope that its viewers do as well without taking the information away that homebirth is insane.


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