Overthrow the Status Quo!

11 August 2009 at 12:44 pm Leave a comment

Okay, maybe that’s a little extreme, but this article made my blood boil. It’s about how doctors are trying to strike down the MA Midwifery Bill as well as the Naturopath Bill. Of course doctors don’t want us to have any options except for doctors. I mean, how will they possibly be able to buy a 3rd vacation home if we start going to midwives and naturopaths and trusting our bodies?

[T]he Massachusetts Medical Society is fighting the bills’ passage, saying they don’t ensure adequate oversight of midwives and don’t provide enough patient protection.

I’m not seeing a lot of patient protection in the birth industry in Massachusetts today, with our c-section rates so high at so many of our hospitals, and no access to a free-standing birth center in our state at all. Our lack of low-risk, low-intervention options is what inhibits our patient protection, not access to regulated midwifery or naturopathic care.

It really seems to me that it all boils down to money. The doctors don’t want to disrupt the status quo. More interventions mean more money. Even though the majority of pregnant women will still choose hospital births with an OB, the medical community is so threatened by those who do choose the midwifery model of care that they can’t handle the passage of a bill like this.

Their reaction pretty much makes you think of this video, doesn’t it?


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