the perils of homebirths?

15 September 2009 at 8:03 pm Leave a comment

ACOG’s war on home birth continues, this time on a Today Show segment. The worst part of the segment, to me personally, is the showcasing of a family’s personal tragedy as a slur against all midwifery and all homebirthing. My heart aches for the family in the segment and for their loss. It makes me angry that ACOG is using the painful, heartbreaking loss of this family’s daughter during childbirth (and the segment fails to provide any information as to why this tragic loss occurred, putting the entire blame on the parents’ choice to have a home birth and on the midwifery team who gave them care) to make their point that homebirths and the midwifery model of care are not safe. The very sad fact is that terrible tragedies and losses happen in childbirths in hospitals as well. However, rather than sensationalizing very real, very sad, very heartbreaking losses of families whose birth outcomes are the very worst of the unexpected, when is ACOG going to sit down and have a very real, very honest, very statistic- and fact-filled conversation with us about the safety of all birth procedures — medical and non-medical, technological and non-technological, drug and drug-free, intervention and intervention-free? When will women and their birth partners be trusted to make their own decisions based on facts given to them by their supposedly concerned caregivers instead of based on scare tactics? Surely adults who are being trusted to take home these tiny, sweet, helpless newborns we are all fighting so hard to give the best care possible to during labor and childbirth, surely these same adults can be trusted to make the best decision for themselves and their new family members once their trusted caregivers give them fact-based information about the risks and benefits of all their options for their pregnancy, labor, and delivery care?

But don’t just listen to my ranting, read these rather more eloquent responses to the Today Show segment from Our Bodies Ourselves and The Big Push for Midwives Campaign.


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