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24 November 2009 at 12:33 pm Leave a comment

I’ve been pretty fascinated with the idea of birthing unassisted, but not to the point of considering it for myself. I love having the reassurance I felt from having my midwife there as well as my husband and mother (who acted as my doula).

But when I was researching birth stories in preparation for my son’s birth, I confess i found reading unassisted birth stories pretty inspiring. There are some beautiful ones online that very much present the birthing moms as extraordinarily knowledgeable and capable of making good judgement calls—even if it means transferring to a hospital. (An example of one I loved reading.)

Then there are those unplanned, unassisted births…the kind you see on “I didn’t know I was pregnant,” that new (bizarre) series on TLC. Not what I would call empowering by any stretch. Although it does sometimes leave me thinking, “wow, look at all of these babies born perfectly healthy despite a lack of outside care.” Of course they always present the situation like a bullet was dodged. And certainly, good prenatal care and a midwife to assist with the birth are (I think) pretty important safety measures. But it’s also tough not to notice how few of these births require any intervention.

Speaking of interventions: This craziness makes me grateful I didn’t birth in Utah.



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Quick link: Baltimore article on free birth Happy Thanksgiving!

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