How doctors prove themselves right

1 February 2010 at 6:05 pm Leave a comment

So my cousin went to her OB (sigh, don’t ask–I can’t get anyone in my family/friends to use midwives, apparently) for her 39 week checkup, and he told her she was “a stretchy 2” centimeters dilated and she “would go” in two days. 

Well, three days later, she felt a twinge and immediately thought it must be labor–because, you know, the doctor said! So she went to the hospital where her contractions “suddenly” “slowed down,” and the rest of the story is pretty predictable. The doctor managed to “perk things up,” of course, with Pitocin, and voila, twelve perfect hours after entering the hospital she had her baby.

Yes, it’s a healthy baby, and yes, I’m happy for my cousin–of course! But couldn’t the doctor have left things alone? Not stretched her out on Thursday, not “predicted” the day of the birth, not hastened along labor but rather said “gee, it’s not even 40 weeks yet, go home and relax,” and just let her baby make his own appearance in his own time??

Double sigh.



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