Waiting for number two

3 March 2010 at 1:19 pm Leave a comment

So we’re “due” to bring number two into this world in just about a month from now, give or take someone very tiny else’s personal opinion about these things. This pregnancy has been different than the last in many of the ways that all pregnancies are different from one another (how tired, how much nausea, how few hiccups the wee babe has had this time, etc), but particularly in how little time I’ve had to reflect on BEING pregnant this time around. Having a 2-3 yr old (he just turned 3!) on the outside keeps a pregnant mama rather too busy to think much about the one on the inside, most days. And so it’s with a little bit of a shock to realize that, ready-or-not, number two is about to here-I-come.

We’re having a homebirth this time, and so the whole preparation for the birth has been significantly more laid back than last time, even having given birth with midwives last time (in a hospital, in Pennsylvania). And we have nearly everything we need for the baby this time around leftover from big brother’s days as a small one, so we haven’t frantically been collecting baby clothes or furniture or any other the other “things” you think your baby is going to “need” the first time around. But just the other night my partner turned to me and asked, “Hey, do you think we could talk about a birth plan? Or something?”. And I was all, oops! Right! I bet it would be nice to think about what’s going to happen, wouldn’t it?!

So we’re going to make a romantic dinner date out of it — have number one spend the afternoon with some friends and sit up in the room where we are thinking we’d like to welcome the baby into this world and talk about what we want from this birth experience and we are thinking we need from each other and any of our worries or fears or excitements. You know, something we probably did every week for the entire 38 weeks last time once we saw that little pink line!

It feels a little silly that it’s taken us so long to get around to doing this, but on the other hand, it’s been nice to feel so much more confident and prepared this time too.

What kinds of things have you done, readers, to prepare for the birth of numbers two or three or four or five (etc!)..?


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