“The Back-Up Plan”

25 April 2010 at 7:04 am 2 comments

I’m really not quite sure what to think about the movie “The Back-Up Plan.” One review calls the movie “a not very good and yet painless waste of time,” which is not a ringing endorsement, but I do kind of feel obligated to see any movie with a homebirth–even one that another review describes as “a wild home birth made to look like a hippie rally.” Uh, okay. 

In a neat play on words, homebirth midwives will sometimes talk about their back-up plans–i.e., hospital transfers. From what I understand, that’s not the intended meaning of the title, but it is a nice connection. 

So has anyone seen it? Is it truly terrible in its depiction of birth, or not as bad as one might think?



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  • 1. melissa  |  25 April 2010 at 1:24 pm

    i just saw it online because i’d heard so much about the home birth. as someone that successfully had a home water birth i was curious about hollywoods comedic depiction.

    yes, the home birth scene has been described as a crazy hippie rally among other things and i have to admit…that’s exactly how it’s portrayed. while the deep guttural sounds the birthing mom makes weren’t too far from my own…everything else is a crazy exaggeration and i really felt made fun of…from the candles to the drum playing and chanting…

    it doesn’t help our cause for this image to be out there. i had to fight and defend our decision for a home birth at every turn. it was exhausting! the reason i had to do this is because everyone’s perception of home birth is that it’s for crazies. i was told i was insane for wanting to birth at home. this movie does nothing to change that crazy hippie perception. i honestly had a hard time watching it because it just hit so close to home.

    in addition to the home birth there are a couple of scenes where there is shock and horror on the faces of the protagonists to see a 3 year old nursing…i nursed my daughter just as long and it was hard enough being judged…sad that society keeps propagating the misinformation that toddlers shouldn’t nurse and that there’s something obscene about it…more than home birth was made fun of in this movie…the attachment parent and naturally minded mother was the brunt of more than one joke here…but i digress…

    the home birth is only about 5 minutes of the movie. the rest of the film is a cliche romantic comedy with at best mediocre acting. it’s worth seeing if for nothing else to see the home birth…however, don’t waste your money. try and watch it online or wait for the rental.

    • 2. christinamichaud  |  25 April 2010 at 7:00 pm

      Thanks for the review–I will try to check it out, but yes, I was afraid that it would be too exaggerated and mocking. Sigh.


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