People really are right

22 May 2010 at 8:53 am 3 comments

I’m a contrarian, and it galls me to admit it, but sometimes “everyone”–that much-maligned voice of conventional wisdom–really is right.

“It”–the baby phase–really does go by so quickly, and you really do forget what it’s like to have a new baby. 

I was recently around a few newborns–the children of two friends, a mama at a playgroup, and my cousin–and I was absolutely shocked at how tiny and funny-looking and winkled and red they looked. My baby never looked like that–did he? 

Uh, yes, of course. It’s just that now he’s 20 months old, dragging a step stool over to a counter and climbing up to grab a yogurt and occasionally yelling “Help me!” if he can’t quite reach. . . .people really are right, and things do change so quickly you don’t even notice it. When I look back at early pictures of him, I can’t believe how small he was. Sometimes when he’s curled up against me, nursing or cuddling, I have a momentary flash when I realize just how long his body is right now, vs. when he was born, but those are rare. Usually, I don’t even remember the past–everything is the present, the sweet sweet ever-changing present of babies (er, toddlers. . .).



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  • 1. Johanna S  |  22 May 2010 at 3:30 pm

    Very true. I don’t remember much about the early days. By the way, I still call her “the baby” from time to time, even though she is 32 months! I guess I understand now why my mother still refers to us as “the kids.”!

  • 2. Johanna S  |  22 May 2010 at 3:36 pm

    Completely unrelated to your post, but something someone like you would love to hear. About a year ago, I was chatting with my mother about home birth and the thought of it made her anxious. Today, out of the blue, she started telling me how she has been watching some shows that discuss midwifery and homebirths, how they are safe, how the midwives are so prepared, so experienced, how so much goes wrong at the hospital because of unnecessary interventions… I was in complete disbelief! I had no idea that a tv show is actually discussing this. Talk about great news! I am fairly certain that if we get pregnant again, we will have a homebirth, so long as I remain low risk. But it is one of those things I don’t bring up often because of people’s response. It was great to hear that my mother would not only be supportive, instead, she recommended it and even suggested that she could be here to watch my daughter so that my daughter would be present when her sibling is born. I am in shock!

    • 3. Christina Michaud  |  23 May 2010 at 4:34 am

      Wow, that _is_ great news! I’m so glad for you and your family!


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