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Nice comment on nursing a toddler in public

I was on the T the other day, and my almost two-year-old son wanted to nurse. He’s a pretty energetic, always-on-the-go kid, so basically I think he figures that if we’re on the T and we have to be sitting down, well, heck, he’s there, the breast is there, so he might as well.

This was the Orange Line, midday but still crowded near downtown, and I had a large man with headphones at my left and an older woman on my right. The older woman had already smiled at Marcus when we entered and he was on my back, and then again when I took him down and sat him on my lap. Then, Marcus was nursing with his head toward her, but I was wearing a nursing top with empire-style openings so there really wasn’t any skin showing. She kind of looked over at him at that point, and then looked closer, and said, “Ah!” when she figured out what he was doing.

“How old?” she asked me.

“Almost two,” I said.

Very good,” she said, “very good!”

We went on to have a nice conversation–she told me she’s from Eithiopia, she nursed all her babies as long as she could, until they stopped on their own or she got pregnant again, or both, but that her daughter, living here, only used bottles and she didn’t think anyone did things “the old way” anymore.

That was absolutely the encounter I needed this week!



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