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Whip ’em out!

Enjoy this celebrity video as a silly way to end National Breastfeeding Month.


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Kangaroo care revives a premie believed not to have survived labor

Grab a box of tissues and check out this amazing story of how an Australian mother saved her premature son’s life with skin-to-skin touch, snuggling, kissing, and  loving words.

Her husband added: ‘Luckily I’ve got a very strong, very smart wife. ‘She instinctively did what she did. If she hadn’t done that, Jamie probably wouldn’t be here.’

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Menstrual cup extravaganza!

I had no idea there were so many options, let alone a blog that reviews all of them! It almost makes me excited to get my cycle back again and try a new one out. Almost.


25 August 2010 at 6:41 pm 2 comments

Spill something on your baby

This weekend I was in a Balkan restaurant near my parents’ house, eating pljeskavica with my parents, husband, and two-year-old son. My boy loved the savory meat and had already demolished quite a bit of it when he decided, basically, that he was full (and also sleepy–it was close to bedtime) and looking for some milk to wash it down. He curled up in my lap, feet hanging over the booth near his grandma, and nursed while we all finished our meal. “You didn’t eat all your onions?” I asked my husband at one point, grabbing some of his and adding them to the meat patty I was eating. “No, I saved you some so you could drop them on the baby,” he said, and when I looked down I saw that, yes, I had indeed dropped some onions on my son’s tee shirt-clad belly. He was unbothered. I picked them off.

“You know, if you don’t drop food on a baby,” I began, thinking aloud. . .

“–then I don’t think you’re being a real mother,” my mother finished for me. “Your baby’s probably stuffed into his carseat far away from you for the whole meal. This is much better. See, he doesn’t mind!”

So, yeah, go ahead–drop some* food on your baby. Just keep your baby close to you.


*not hot!

24 August 2010 at 8:22 pm 1 comment

Top 5 Myths of Early Attachment

Check out this great little article from

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Mom + baby–when do they separate?

As my son turns two years old this week, I’m pondering this question–when does an attached mom and baby pair start to separate? I mean, in some sense it starts at birth, obviously, and the cutting of the cord is a great symbol of the beginning of the separation. But I still feel so much like my son and I are part of the same person–it’s hard to explain to other people, even to my husband, I think.

Every afternoon, my son and I cuddle and nurse and play together. This started in the semester I went back to work, when he was five months old, and at first, after being away from him for 6-8 hours, I could barely stand it anymore–I would fly across town in a cab, scoop him up from the daycare, and not let go of him until the next morning. Literally. As time went on, I got better–I would still feel itchy and ill at ease at the end of the workday, but I could usually manage to hold it together until I ran to him. And when I got to him–this was when he was eighteen, nineteen, twenty months old–I was able, sometimes, to stop at the playground on the way home from daycare, not just hold him in my arms endlessly.

But we still take this time to reconnect in a very physical way at the end of each day, late afternoon, before my husband gets home. Now I sit at the dining room table on a chair-bench made for two, and my son sits on my lap, stands on the chair, romps over me, sits on the edge of the table and falls into my arms, and plays the game my husband calls “The Liontamer,” when I, laughing, stick my nose closer and closer into my baby’s wide-open, toothy, hysterical mouth, and he plays at catching it.

If a day goes by and for some reason I don’t get this time, I feel cheated–and worse, I feel jumpy, like an addict without her fix. I said this, recently, to a friend who has gone a year being sober, now, and then I thought maybe I sounded insensitive, like I was trivializing the very serious issue of addiction. “No,” he said, thinking about it, “I think you’re right. It’s the most primal form of addiction there is, mom and baby.”

Someday, I know, my son will be completely his own separate person–just not now.


20 August 2010 at 1:42 am 2 comments

One thing I missed after giving birth. . .

Know what I really missed after giving birth? I missed my nightly ritual of falling asleep to the Hypnobirthing tracks on my iPod. They were so calming, so soothing, and so optimistic–they helped me look forward to something so wonderful, and they helped me imagine it as wonderful and helped it to be wonderful, in turn–that I genuinely missed them after my baby was born.

Oh, sure, I could have kept listening to them just for the relaxation factor, or the nostalgia, but in some ways that seemed like looking backward when I had my beautiful baby beside me in bed and just wanted to live in the now. On a more practical note, I was also afraid of having my iPod in bed with me and baby because I didn’t want to risk the headphone wires getting tangled around baby’s neck.

Still, I definitely had some insomnia–almost for the first time in my life–after my baby was born. He’d be sleeping good long stretches, 5+ hours at a time, from relatively early on, and I’d be up all night. I could have used Hypnobirthing: The Sequel, or something like that. Oh yeah, and wireless headphones.

What did you miss after giving birth?


16 August 2010 at 1:37 am 1 comment

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