Summer Babies

2 August 2010 at 4:33 pm 1 comment

I had a summer baby–an end-of-summer baby, to be precise–so summer makes me nostalgic. Really, though, I wonder what time of the year doesn’t make me nostalgic–on April 1st (2009) he pulled up to standing for the first time on his own; on June 2nd (2010) he called me “Mommy” for the first time. My baby has rewritten my calendar, it’s become apparent. At any rate, in the summer, when I see pregnant women or babies, I think back to being hugely pregnant and walking around, working, taking the train and the bus, going to the library, going food shopping, all that summer before I had my baby. I smile at the women now and try to hold doors for them. With my almost-two-year-old on my back (exclaiming “Baby! Baby! Baby lying down! Baby sleeping?”), we run around holding doors for stroller-pushing new mamas around the city, at all the same places–the library, the supermarket, the subway. I saw an 11-day-old baby on the subway the other day, and that made me smile all the more: we took my son (wrapped up close to my chest, wearing just a diaper and tee shirt under the wrap) on the subway at 14 days, and the looks we got from people not used to seeing such a young baby out and about were countless.

So, here’s to all the summer babies, and summer mamas, out there–hang in there, fall is around the corner!



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  • 1. Jessica Montalino  |  4 August 2010 at 8:32 pm

    Tt is funny having had a winter baby, i see so many mamas out and about earlier than we were. I went outside on new years day about a week after my son was born for just a quick second (the preparation took about 20 minutes). After that we didn’t leave the house for three weeks! What a difference it makes depending on what season you’re little one is born in. Thanks for sharing and making me nostalgic for winter while we’re in the throws of summer.


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