Thoughts on weaning

5 September 2010 at 1:04 am Leave a comment

My son is two, and still nursing a lot, as I’ve mentioned before. Recently, among friends and online friends from various forums, I’ve been hearing a lot of stories about weaning. One common thread is that, for a lot of the stories, the moms said they weren’t ready for the weaning.

No one is suggesting, of course, forcing a baby to nurse beyond when he/she wants to, even if such a thing were even possible (which, when we’re talking about toddlers, I’m almost certain it’s not). But what I think a lot of moms don’t take into account is that nursing is a relationship, and there are two parties involved. A mom might not want her baby to wean yet for a number of reasons–wanting him/her to still have that comfort, that hydration/source of clean fluids, that nutrition, that extra amount of calories at night, that extra amount of virus/allergy protection, etc.

At a really basic level, for me, that meant my offering the breast as long as I wasn’t ready for my baby to wean. I hear so many women say, “Oh, my baby stopped nursing at seven months–he just wasn’t interested in it,” or “Yeah, my daughter weaned herself at nine months–she was just done, too busy to nurse.” Well, especially with young babies like that, you can just keep offering–you don’t have to wait for the baby to initiate. Often, it seemed like my son thought, “Well, okay, as long as it’s right here, just a sip,” or the baby equivalent of that. I offered in all sorts of different times and places and positions (him crawling, standing, sitting, etc.), to keep our nursing relationship strong and, yes, fun for him and for me.

Yeah, I understand the whole “he won’t be going off to college nursing” thing–for now, though, I’m still glad he’s got this in his life.


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