Aargh, the headaches of “trying for” a VBAC!

20 September 2010 at 11:18 am Leave a comment

I have a good friend who wanted to have a natural birth (in a hospital) for her first child. They took classes, they hired a doula, they researched their options, and she ended up with a c-section for “failure to progress” before the doula had even met them at the hospital. My friend was regretful, but figured that with Baby No. 2 she could have a VBAC.

Baby No. 2 comes along, and her doctor at first says yes-yes-yes to a VBAC, but after closer scrutiny does not seem to be practicing in a way that would really support it. My friend switches hospitals and providers, hires a doula again, refreshes herself on labor techniques, and, again, ended up with a c-section for “failure to progress.” Again. In retrospect, she said she felt pressured by the hospital staff to consent to a c-section, and that even though they never said the baby was in any danger, she was tired physically and also tired of being pressured.

How are more people not upset by (the all-too-common) stories like these? As my mother, who lived through the activist 60s likes to say, “Why aren’t women taking to the streets to protest this?”



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