Well, I never. . .

30 October 2010 at 12:29 pm 2 comments

I never gave up any cheeses, cold cuts, or sushi while pregnant–I think it’s all scare tactics, really, and with the exception of avoiding tuna and other high-mercury fish (raw or cooked), I didn’t eliminate any foods while pregnant.

I never wore maternity clothes that I wouldn’t wear when not pregnant–nothing with bows, nothing that wasn’t my personal style already.

I never offered my baby any sort of over-the-counter medicine for teething or the sniffles–totally apart from the recent issues of dosages, recalls, etc., I just think these things are often overused, and I would rather not have the artificial flavors and colors that are in them, anyway.

I never used one of those front-pack crotch-dangling carrier for my baby–they never seemed truly comfy for either baby or parent, and I’m glad I found the world of soft, cloth carriers (wraps, slings, and mei tais) instead.

What are some things you never did, and have no regrets about?



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  • 1. Liz  |  1 November 2010 at 12:26 pm

    I fail to see how the advice to give up sushi/cold cuts is a “scare tactic.” Last I checked listeria is bad news for an unborn baby. I’ve had sushi a few times while pregnant but only from places I trust – I wouldn’t buy it just anywhere.

    • 2. Christina Michaud  |  1 November 2010 at 3:41 pm

      Hm, well, personally I feel that the conventional medical establishment totally freaks women out when pregnant by handing them this giant scary list of Things Not to Eat. Again, just my personal opinion, but I felt that pregnancy was a natural state and my body could handle it–I was healthy going in, and didn’t alter my diet. I still drank lots of water, still avoided a lot of processed sugars and white flours, still ate lots of whole grains and leafy green veggies and orange veggies and fruits. Beyond that, if there were something that I WANTED to eat, I ate it–soft cheeses, hot dogs, whatever. I ate sushi weekly, I think–from all the same places I would while not pregnant. I think it’s really a pregnant friend says, “Oh my gosh, there’s NOTHING I can eat for lunch at work–the Greek salad is off-limits because of the cheese, the turkey sandwich because of the cold cuts,” and just feels stressed about it.


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