Case study: Good news, bad news

11 January 2011 at 9:36 pm Leave a comment

The wife of a good friend is due with her second child in a couple weeks, and last weekend we were chatting about her upcoming birth. Here’s what my mental process looked like while she described her current situation:

Good news: After a disappointing, intervention-filled first birth that culminated in a c-section, she’s trying for a VBAC this time!

Bad news: She’s using the exact same intervention-happy OB at the exact same, reputedly VBAC-unfriendly, local hospital.

Good news: She says her doctor is very supportive of a VBAC.

Bad news: She already has a scheduled c-section date “just in case.”

Good news: She had breastfed her first child, with difficulties at first, almost through a year, and she said how much she’s looking forward to breastfeeding again this time around.

Bad news: She doesn’t think she “needs” a doula to help advocate for her at the hospital during labor.

Good news: She sees breastfeeding on demand as the best way to soothe her newborn and still meet the needs of her toddler. She says that breastfeeding is “the biggest gift” for everyone around her–her children, her husband, her parents who will be staying with her to help out–because it calms the baby and is so much more efficient than bottles and formula.

Good news: She brings up the “My Brest Friend” nursing pillow I bought her, my mini-lesson on latching and breast compressions (at her request, when she was deep in the throes of pumping and bottle feeding and formula supplementing and unable to get good lactation consultant advice), and my encouragement to keep trying the side-lying nursing for middle-of-the-night feeds as key to helping her succeed in her breastfeeding relationship before, and inspirational for this time around.

Bottom line: I’m fearful, but still hopeful for her VBAC chances, but really, really excited about how passionate she has become about breastfeeding, and about her chances for another great nursing relationship.



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