Thoughts on motherhood, pregnancy, and, oh, yeah, phosphorus

14 January 2011 at 11:35 am Leave a comment

Can you tell I’m a sci-fi geek? I’ve been watching V, and, whoa! They are going nuts with the motherhood themes these past two weeks particularly! It seems like the past couple years in sci-fi television have been extremely, um, fertile ones for thought-provoking plots about motherhood and pregnancy. Here’s my take on which themes three recent shows have at least started to address:

V–how “dangerous” childbirth is and how we need science (ours or the Vs’) to help, what it means to be a mother (Erica, Anna, Diana, Danielle, Val) and how maternal feelings are the epitome of our humanity

Lost–what it means to be a mother (i.e., is Claire or Kate Aaron’s “real” mother), how being separated from your child (Claire and Rousseau) makes you insane, how “dangerous” childbirth is and how we need science/magic/The Island to help

Battlestar Galactica–what role the government plays in directing reproduction after a near-apocalypse (uh, hello, anti-choice-laws), what it means to be a mother (i.e., Six seems awfully maternal to Boomer’s baby sometimes), how only mystical True Love allows for successful conception (ah, Gaius. . . )

Other thoughts? Anyone else struck by this imagery?



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