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I remember the first time I felt my baby move in utero in my first pregnancy. I was sitting in a conference and was kind of zoned-out half-listening to the presenter, in a very quiet room, when I noticed something–half a sound, half a hunch–and when I tuned into it, I realized I was feeling the first small bubbles and flutters of movement, sometimes called the “quickening.” When I told my husband, later that night, he was shocked that the term he associated with the “Highlander” movies was also used in this context–I told him of course he had it backwards, and that the movies use the term because of its associations with birth and new life.

Fast-forward three years, and here I am, pregnant with my second. I was looking forward to feeling the first movements immensely, and I was sure I’d recognize them right away. But the same thing happened to me this time around too–I was in a quiet place (in this case, lying in my son’s bed, nursing him to sleep) and was completely surprised by those first lovely flutters. It was also early, close to twelve weeks, when I felt them this time, so I was caught off-guard.

Now I’m 18 weeks along, and I feel the baby move whenever I slow down enough to notice it. If I’m teaching or cooking or walking around, then no, I don’t notice the flutters, but just now–sitting on a bench in the sun catching up on various things on my laptop–I was overwhelmed with the feeling once again.

My midwife says she often finds second-time-around moms feel the baby move at twelve weeks or so, even though “They” say you can’t feel it until later. What’s your experience been?



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