Babies vs. Big Boys

14 July 2011 at 8:24 am Leave a comment

My son is almost three, and a self-proclaimed “BIG BOY!”

We didn’t consciously use that language with him, but he must have picked it up from somewhere, and now uses it constantly: “No, mommy, I put my shoes on by myself–only BIG BOYS can do that!”

He’s still nursing, and he still co-sleeps for at least part of the night, and obviously in so many ways he’s still a baby, and my baby, but it’s undeniable that with a new baby coming (approximately 20 weeks from now), things will change a bit at home. I wonder if he’ll still be insisting on his “big boy” status then, but there’s no way to know, of course.

This weekend, though, we had a few babies over. One of them was just twelve weeks old and very lumpy–not in a bad way, in an “I’m-a-baby-what-else-am-I-supposed-to-d0-but-lie-here?” way–and Marcus was not hugely interested in him. In fact, when hyper and running around roaring like a lion, he roared at the baby, who promptly started screaming, and led me to invent the new rule of “We only roar at people who can walk,” a handy rule I didn’t even know we needed. Another baby was close to 20 weeks and a bit more interested in people and things around her, and Marcus was fascinated by her. He begged and begged to hold her, and after he washed his hands, we let him sit down and I put her in his lap. He oohed and aahed and gently stroked her head. She has really good head control, so she wasn’t quite a floppy little thing, but she’s still tiny, and he was so gentle with her. Another little boy–er, sorry, BIG BOY–of four came over and joined in on the baby love: I really wish someone had gotten a picture of the two of them hugging her and petting her.

So yeah, in short: I don’t know if the “big boy” thing is just a phase, will last continuously, or what, but I’m loving the baby-adoration phase, at least, and hoping that lasts through next year.



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