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Majority of Caesareans Peformed BEFORE LABOR STARTS

Not only do 32% of labors end in a Caesarean delivery, but recent data* shows that for most of those deliveries, mama doesn’t go into labor first. Remember when we were shocked that the Cesarean rate was 1 in 4?

Worries about the ever-increasing Caesarean rate led the National Institutes of Health to form a Consortium on Safe Labor, which performed a detailed analysis of electronic records from 228,668 births at 19 hospitals in the United States from 2002 to 2008. The study is the first to analyze how often Caesareans were performed before women went into labor (more than half the time) and how often after labor had begun.

The main reason for a Caesarean was a prior Caesarean. But in women who have not had Caesareans before, one factor that may increase the risk is the use of drugs to induce labor. The practice has been increasing, and the study found that induced labor, compared with spontaneous labor, was twice as likely to result in a Caesarean.

In the study, 44 percent of the women who were trying vaginal delivery had their labor induced. When Caesareans were done after induction, half were performed before the woman’s cervix had dilated to six centimeters, “suggesting that clinical impatience may play a role,” the authors wrote. Full dilation is 10 centimeters, and a Caesarean before six centimeters may be too soon, the researchers said.
All the more reason to consider a homebirth, I say 😉

*apologies for linking to an article you have to register to read

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Whip ’em out!

Enjoy this celebrity video as a silly way to end National Breastfeeding Month.

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Kangaroo care revives a premie believed not to have survived labor

Grab a box of tissues and check out this amazing story of how an Australian mother saved her premature son’s life with skin-to-skin touch, snuggling, kissing, and  loving words.

Her husband added: ‘Luckily I’ve got a very strong, very smart wife. ‘She instinctively did what she did. If she hadn’t done that, Jamie probably wouldn’t be here.’

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Menstrual cup extravaganza!

I had no idea there were so many options, let alone a blog that reviews all of them! It almost makes me excited to get my cycle back again and try a new one out. Almost.


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Top 5 Myths of Early Attachment

Check out this great little article from

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Midwifery Bill Update–We didn’t pass this year, but lookout, ’cause we got NEXT!

Dear Midwifery Supporters,

As you may have already heard, the Midwifery Bill (House 4180) that we’ve all been working so hard on, did not pass in the final hours of this legislative session. The Casino Bill—which was the key issue for Speaker DeLeo—was the proverbial hog in the tunnel, which meant that many other worthy bills—like ours–did not get to the House floor for a vote.

In looking back on the past several months, the first think that comes to mind is what a fantastic job we’ve all done. While we didn’t achieve our hoped-for result, we put together the best strategic and tactical effort ever and are well poised to get the bill passed next session.

A very special thank you goes out today to our incredible consumer and grassroots team, who came through for us in the clutch, juggling family, work, and other plans to keep calling the State House in support of the bill. Your generousity, tenacity, eloquence, and passion were felt and admired by all. Kudos for a job well done. The legislators now know more than ever that consumers in the Commonwealth care about midwifery and demand better standards of care and better birth options for themselves and for their families. An extra special shout out goes to Jen Holliman, Rebecca Hains, Amy Kreydin, and the North Shore Birth Center group, who immediately responded to our request for calls to Rep. Speliotis and succeeded in getting her to remove her “hold” on the bill WITHIN 12 HOURS!

We had some wonderful consumer leaders who helped us in numerous ways: Catherine Stamatos, Bridget Colvin, Maria DeLorico, Cathleen Barstow, Makeda Kamara, and Jim Henderson—thanks to you all.

Our supporters at the State House were many. In addition to thanking Rep. Speliotis for doing a very brave thing for a politician—changing her mind, extra special thanks go to our House Lead Sponsor, Kay Khan, who worked tirelessly on our behalf, and Cosponsor Jeffrey Sanchez, who partnered with Rep. Kahn’s staff to significantly rewrite the bill with a weather eye toward supporting its passage. We were very fortunate to have Lead Senate Sponsor Richard Moore—many thanks for your ongoing support—and notably Representatives Story and Harkins, who stepped in on our behalf when a hold was placed on the bill. Finally, many, many thanks to each of our Senate and House co-sponsors. We each and every one of your for your commitment to consumer protection and we thank you again with our votes on Election Day!

We got as far as we did due to some incredible leadership from the inimitable Judy Norsigian, who, while continuing to drive a host of other women’s health initiatives, created brilliant alliances and helped drive the most effective game plan we’ve had to date. Because of Judy, we had the support of Amnesty International, NOW, and the MA Women’s Bar Association partnering with supportive physicians and other friends who supported our broader efforts. Words cannot express our gratitude to you all, especially to physician supporters who signed on to our various letters and outreach efforts. Many, many thanks as well to all our Coalition partners, especially Miriam Khalsa, Audra Karp, Milree Keeling, Peggy Garland, and Joanna King. You kept the fires burning and we thank you for all your efforts, both small and large.

Finally a huge thanks to the team at the Big Push—Susan Jenkins, Pam Maurath, Steff Hedenkamp, and especially Katie Prown—who worked round the clock in support of the bill these past several months. They were tireless advocates who cheered us on, ever urging us to give our efforts one more PUSH.

We were better because of all of you. We couldn’t have come this far without you.

We will win this campaign. We will learn from this loss, and come back stronger.
Thank you so much for all of your ongoing support. We wish you all a delightful rest of summer and look forward to working with you again in September!

With profound thanks,
Ann Sweeney

***Please forward this email to your friends, family, and to all other lists! Thank you for your continued support!!!***

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URGENT–Midwifery Bill Action Alert UPDATE—It’s working, now keep calling!!!

Mass Midwifery Supporters–you ROCK!!!

Thanks to your calls, Rep. Spiliotis has lifted her hold on the Midwifery Bill!

Against all the odds, the bill is on the move again and headed toward the finish line at the eleventh hour, so KEEP THE CALLS TO THE SPEAKER’S OFFICE COMING.  If you have the time, please forward this message to all of your family and friends here in the Commonwealth, asking them to reach out, too!

Call, email, or fax the Speaker and the State House today (Saturday) in support of the Midwifery Bill, House 4180. The legislature is still in session so please keep the calls coming!!!

Speaker DeLeo’s number is:
Telephone: 617-722-2500
Facsimile: 617-722-2008

Even if you’re not a constituent, please call him as he serves as Speaker for the State and is responsible to all residents of the Commonwealth.

Please keep the phones lit and keep spreading the word!!!

Thanks so much for your continued support!!!  We’re almost there!!!

Ann Sweeney
Mass Friends of Midwives (MFOM)

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