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Dept of Labor is requesting thoughts from breastfeeding employees

Spread the word:

The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) has posted a Request for Information (RFI) from breastfeeding employees, employers, and knowledgeable breastfeeding advocates to help them better understand:

* Specific space and time problems
* Specific space and time solutions

the link directs you to all the info and you can even submit any comments on line!

Deadline 2/22/11

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Whip ’em out!

Enjoy this celebrity video as a silly way to end National Breastfeeding Month.

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Kangaroo care revives a premie believed not to have survived labor

Grab a box of tissues and check out this amazing story of how an Australian mother saved her premature son’s life with skin-to-skin touch, snuggling, kissing, and  loving words.

Her husband added: ‘Luckily I’ve got a very strong, very smart wife. ‘She instinctively did what she did. If she hadn’t done that, Jamie probably wouldn’t be here.’

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More celebrity kudos

Kourtney Kardashian is a proud breastfeeding mama! Hurray for breastfeeding slowly but surely it’s way back into the mainstream!

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Hot summer treats for the little ones?

Check out this post from blacktating on how to make Breast Milk Popsicles for your little nursers this summer! Okay, maybe a little crazy for some, but maybe just right for some others. My new one is a bit too small for these this year, but might just love them in 2011!

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Different genes are turned on in the intestines of breastmilk vs formula fed babies, new study shows

Why is breast milk best? It’s all in the genes

“The intestinal tract of the newborn undergoes marked changes in response to feeding. And the response to human milk exceeds that of formula, suggesting that the bioactive components in breast milk are important in this response,” [Sharon Donovan, a University of Illinois professor of nutrition] noted.

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Breast is best, local celebrity perspective

It’s always interesting and pleasantly surprising to me when celebrities are willing to talk about parenting decisions they are making/have made that are considered “non mainstream” at best and “taboo” at worst. Recently, Gisele Bündchen, who, as you may recall, had a homebirth here in Boston, wrote a lovely pro-breastfeeding post on her blog for mother’s day. I always appreciate it when anyone speaks out about the benefits and beauties of breastfeeding, but it’s always amazing to me when someone with such a high profile is willing to talk about a subject that can be so polarizing to folks.

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When breastfeeding doesn’t work

All moms — those who breastfeed and those who do not — deserve our support.

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The wonders of breast milk

My newborn has had a wicked rash for the past week or so, and it seemed that nothing I was trying was helping to clear it up. And then I was reminded from one website to squirt some breast milk on it along with any other remedies I was using. And what do you know — already things are looking considerably better. I always forget how amazing that breast milk stuff is! What else have you used breast milk for besides filling those tiny tummies?

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Talking to relatives about breastfeeding

A few weeks ago I was visiting a cousin and her five-week-old baby. I was thrilled to see the baby –and my cousin, too, of course, but parents are always a little bit of an afterthought when there’s a new baby around. We were staying at a nearby hotel, but we would go over to my cousin’s house midday, and our main purpose for being in the city was in fact to visit her and the baby. At one point that first afternoon, my cousin said it was time to feed the baby. She took the baby and disappeared into another room, behind two closed doors, and did not emerge for a full hour. This pattern repeated itself every three and a half hours (she was feeding on a schedule, not on demand) while we were there, except for about once a day when she would announce that she wanted to “be social” and so would give the baby a bottle of formula so she “could be out in the living room” with us. When I gently prodded, she explained that nursing was a huge hassle because she had to take off her shirt, take off her (back-fastening, regular) bra, prop the baby up on regular bed pillows, and nurse naked to the waist.

Now, I’m not a lactation consultant, and I’m not a La Leche League leader–though I’ve contemplated starting down that route–but a number of things struck me as off about this entire set-up.

First of all, there was that pesky schedule–even my husband remarked on this one. She said vaguely that she thought a feeding schedule was “a good idea” because the pediatrician suggested it, and because “it helps [the baby] figure out when to expect to eat” and it helps her know when to change a dirty diaper.

Then, there was the total lack of any breastfeeding-specific product that could help make her life as a nursing mother easier. I’m a minimalist, personally, and I don’t think you need a lot of physical stuff to breastfeed (though, note, she did have bottles and pacifiers and cans of organic formula), but I do think there are things that can make the experience easier and–certainly for my cousin–far more pleasant. I suggested a Boppy or other brand of nursing pillow, so she wouldn’t have to fuss with bed pillows, but she demurred–the bed pillows which she had just been complaining about “were fine,” I was told. I suggested a few nursing tanks for wearing around the house, and underneath other shirts outside if you’re nervous about exposing stomach flesh to others, or at the very least two good nursing bras. My cousin nodded politely, with absolutely no interest in the subject, so I let it drop.

How do other people manage this? How do you manage to talk to relatives about (their) breastfeeding? 


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